Arrangements & Costs

All Wills are individual, and it is best if you telephone us so that we can briefly talk over your personal circumstances and get a true picture of your individual needs. We find that, generally, people have over-simplistic ideas about Wills and, until we speak to them, do not appreciate the wide-ranging protection they can offer in the areas of family, property and taxation. We can then give you a firm indication of the potential fees involved. Even then, if you make an appointment for us to take your instructions, you only commit yourself/ves to the modest cost of a standard will and all other recommendations are entirely optional.

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Why should I make a Will?

Really, all adults should. Certainly married couples and, even more importantly, co-habiting partners. A will is absolutely vital, for several reasons, if you have young children, especially if any are from a previous relationship.

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Our Will Service

At the first appointment we advise you, discuss your requirements and take your instructions for the actual preparation of your Wills. In one of our two offices or, at no additional cost to you...

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